Good old rant

Ok so now it starts!!

Time for a full on unprecedented, no holes bared rant……………………
Today I am feeling completely unloved 😥 without any reason behind it.  I feel like no one actually believes in my abilities (probably because I don’t believe in them). I believe that everyone is talking about me behind my back, and its not good stuff. I think that no one would actually notice or miss me if I disappeared, you know like “out of sight, out of mind”.

So why do I feel like this I here no one ask? Because I speak before I think and upset people without realising, then I spend half my time worrying bout upsetting people & reading more into things than is ment.

On the plus side (really trying to be positive now) the grandparents have just taken mini G out to the park for an hour so I get some time to myself. Now oh shit I’m left alone, will I cease to exsist without a reason to be mammy or will I find the hidden personality that I’m sure I had before becoming mam?


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