Good old rant

Ok so now it starts!!

Time for a full on unprecedented, no holes bared rant……………………
Today I am feeling completely unloved 😥 without any reason behind it.  I feel like no one actually believes in my abilities (probably because I don’t believe in them). I believe that everyone is talking about me behind my back, and its not good stuff. I think that no one would actually notice or miss me if I disappeared, you know like “out of sight, out of mind”.

So why do I feel like this I here no one ask? Because I speak before I think and upset people without realising, then I spend half my time worrying bout upsetting people & reading more into things than is ment.

On the plus side (really trying to be positive now) the grandparents have just taken mini G out to the park for an hour so I get some time to myself. Now oh shit I’m left alone, will I cease to exsist without a reason to be mammy or will I find the hidden personality that I’m sure I had before becoming mam?

A week before life starts

Hello world of wordpress.

Today is exactly 1 week before our lifes move to the next level. On Monday next week I will be going to my first day of college and my boy (nickname mini G) will be starting nursery. I’m a little scared, sad and excited all at the same time.

My plan for today is a nice relaxing pj day with a touch of housework & lots of playing/fun with mini G. We have had a very full, fun and tiring weekend, infact we squeezed in 1 kids birthday party, 1 romantic anniversary night with hubby, 1 bbq evening with friends and the christening party of our nephew. I feel like I never want to get dressed up to go out again!

Oh and I did forget to mention hubby and I are trying to conceive our second child and it has been the firtile week. Sorry for too much info but it does add to the tiredness cause lots of energy is also spent on doing the babydance too.